Improving Liberia’s Transitional Justice Process by Engaging Women

Posted by Michelle Page on April 1, 2010

When women contribute, transitional justice efforts are more likely to address crimes of war. Women have knowledge of the dis­tinct, complex violations of rights women suffer that can significantly inform truth commission mandates, judicial opinions, reparations schemes, and proposals for policy reform. In Liberia, following the 2003 resolution of two decades of violent conflict, the […]

The “Inspiration Day” Model: Fostering Women’s Leadership by Connecting National Leaders with Grassroots Candidates

Posted by The Institute for Inclusive Security on June 1, 2009

Research suggests that connecting experienced national women leaders with potential female candidates at the grassroots successfully encourages women to run for office. This publication documents Inclusive Security’s efforts in Liberia and Rwanda to enable established female elected officials to nurture the next generation of leaders by sharing their experiences, priorities, and strategies with local women.