VIDEO: In Kenya, Only Women Saw the Fire Coming

Posted by on March 2, 2017
VIDEO: In Kenya, Only Women Saw the Fire Coming

Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan grew up in volatile northern Kenya, the daughter of parents from two warring tribes. In 2005, sixty people, including dozens of children, were massacred in her hometown of Marsabit. In this video, she relates how government leaders ignored women’s warnings about impending violence.

Can Cellphones Stop Violence?

Posted by on February 17, 2017
Can Cellphones Stop Violence?

After Kenya’s contested presidential election erupted into ethnic violence in 2008, Alice Nderitu created the Uwiano Platform for Peace, a conflict prevention agency that encourages citizens to report warning signs of violence via their mobile phones. “In 2008, people had seen the violence coming,” she says, “but they didn’t know who to tell.” Uwiano focused […]

Investing In African Women In Times of Peace

Investing In African Women In Times of Peace

Women often take on different social, political, and economic responsibilities during the upheaval of war. In some cases, after violence ends, they maintain these new roles and claim a larger space in public life. Take Rwanda, for example. In the 20 years after the genocide, women rose to positions of influence. The country currently ranks […]

Fear and Hope in Peshawar

Fear and Hope in Peshawar

This article, by Network member Bushra Hyder, originally appeared in The Weekly Wonk. Peshawar is my city. If you try to imagine what it’s like there, peace is probably the last thing you’d think of. Peshawar, Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan, is one of the most dangerous and unstable regions in the world. It’s where, late […]

Women Moderating Extremism in Pakistan

Posted by Sarah Chatellier with Dr. Shabana Fayyaz on August 1, 2012

From August 2010 to August 2012, The Institute for Inclusive Security implemented a program in Pakistan with support from the US Institute of Peace titled “Pakistani Women Moderating Extremism.” The initiative supported the formation of a national coalition of women leaders dedicated to curtailing extremism and promoting social cohesion. This first policy brief of a […]

Palestinian Women’s Recommendations for Implementing UNSCRs 1325 and 1889

Posted by The Institute for Inclusive Security on February 1, 2012

In February 2012, Palestinian women government and civil society leaders met to review and update recommendations for implementing UNSCRs 1325 and 1889 in their country, which were first developed at a workshop convened by The Institute for Inclusive Security and MIFTAH in 2010. These recommendations are grounded in the group’s stated principle that Palestinian women […]

10 Actions for the First 150 Days of the US National Action Plan

Posted by U.S. Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace, and Security on February 1, 2012

Drawing upon its combined breadth of knowledge and expertise, the U.S. Civil Society Working Group proposes the following recommended actions be prioritized in the first 150 days following the December 19, 2011 launch of the U.S. NAP. These recommendations are organized according to the U.S. NAP’s five pillars, and highlight the importance of regular consultations […]

Recommendations of Amn–o–Nisa: The Pakistan Women’s Coalition Against Extremism

Posted by Amn-o-Nisa and The Institute for Inclusive Security on September 1, 2011

The policy community in Pakistan must acknowledge and address violent extremism in the country and enhance women’s ongoing efforts to build social cohesion in communities across the nation. Drawing on members’ diverse experiences, Amn-o-Nisa proposes these recommendations for moderating violent extremism and promoting social harmony in Pakistan.

Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace

Published in 2009, Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace is a resource for policymakers and practitioners who want to better include women in peace processes. This unique tool draws on more than a decade of original research and training by The Institute for Inclusive Security and accomplished women peace builders from areas including […]

Conflict Prevention and Transformation: Women’s Vital Contributions

Posted by Jolynn Shoemaker and Camille Pampell Conaway on February 1, 2005

Inclusive Security and the United Nations Foundation hosted a consultation on the role of women in conflict prevention on February 23, 2005. The presentations and discussion highlighted examples and strategies regarding women’s conflict prevention activities and generated policy recommendations for the international community. This conference report makes a compelling case for the inclusion of women […]

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