Afghan Women’s Recommendations for the 2014 NATO Summit

Posted by Afghan Women's Network on September 4, 2014

Ahead of the 2014 NATO Summit, the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) developed this document detailing how their government and the international community can ensure women’s rights and safety as NATO finishes its troop withdrawal. AWN consulted over 500 women in eight provinces to translate their concerns and priorities into these concrete recommendations, which address issues […]

Recommendations on Women’s Inclusion in the Afghan Peace Process

Posted by Afghan Women's Network on July 9, 2014

In April 2014, 21 members of the Afghan Women’s Network gathered to discuss how to advance women’s inclusion in the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program. They returned to their provinces to consult women in their communities and provincial-level decision makers on the issue. In June, they reunited to create these recommendations for national and international […]

Transition Within Tradition: Women’s Participation in Restoring Afghanistan

Posted by Amiri, Rina, Swanee Hunt, and Jennifer Sova on January 19, 2004

The eyes of the world focused on Afghanistan: our global consciousness was awakened to the plight of a population in turmoil. The subjugation of women served as part of a call to arms, another reason used to justify armed conflict half a world away. Images of women in burkas, kept from education, health care, and […]