If you have any questions about using the Inclusive Security logo, please contact Shereen Hall.

Size & Spacing


  1. Minimum allowable height:
    • Digital = 30px
    • Print = 1.5 inches
  2. Allow for enough space around the perimeter for padding equal to one (1) spark at 50% of the icons size.

Improper Usage

  1. DON’T use gradients or photographs behind the logo.
    DON’T use gradients or photographs behind the logo
  2. DON’T change the color of the text.

  3. DON’T change the color of wedges in the spark.

  4. DON’T stretch or skew the logo to make it fit.

  5. DON’T change position of the text or size of icon.

  6. DON’T overlay other colors on top of the logo to change the tint or hues.


There are a variety of logo versions available. Our standard horizontal version used on this site is the most common, while versions are provided for use on colored backgrounds or in black and white material for print or screen.

Download All Logo Variants