• 'For years, many of us have tried to show the world that women are not just victims of war; they are agents of peace.'— Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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Who We Are

Inclusive Security is transforming decision making about war and peace. We’re convinced that a more secure world is possible if policymakers, security sectors, and conflict-affected populations work together. Women’s meaningful participation, in particular, can make the difference between failure and success. Since 1999, Inclusive Security has equipped decision makers with knowledge and tools that strengthen their ability to develop inclusive policies and approaches. We have also bolstered the skills and influence of women leaders around the world.

What We Do

To date, Inclusive Security has galvanized and connected more than 5,000 officials and 2,000 women from almost 70 countries. In collaboration with governments and civil society networks, we’ve influenced the creation and strengthening of 40+ country policies on women’s inclusion, including national action plans. In partnership with women leaders and others, we’ve positively impacted scores of peace and security processes from Afghanistan to South Sudan. Together with these allies, we’re making inclusion the rule, not the exception.

Making a Difference

After a decade of work, we see increasing recognition that women not only have a right to be at the table, but that their involvement is critical to ending war and realizing sustainable peace.