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Advocacy for Inclusive Security Curriculum

This curriculum introduces a step-by-step, strategic framework for planning and implementing high-impact advocacy. It is designed to build the advocacy skills of women leaders seeking to end violent conflict and rebuild their societies. We developed this resource based on what we learned in hundreds of trainings we conducted over 15 years. The materials are grounded in adult-learning principles and include a variety of training approaches, such as case studies, practice exercises, videos, and role plays.

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Inclusive Security, Sustainable Peace: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Action

This toolkit is a resource for women peacebuilders and practitioners. It outlines the components of peace building from conflict prevention to post-conflict reconstruction and highlights the role that women play in each phase. It was co-published by Inclusive Security and International Alert in 2004 and includes content on conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, security, justice, and governance.

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Why Women Video Library

This library contains videos and talking points that show the difference women make. Drawing on the voices of women peacebuilders themselves, these tools demonstrate how women change peace processes and improve outcomes.

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National Action Plan 101

This interactive training course will introduce you to UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and national action plans. After completing this 30-minute module, you’ll understand why these plans are important, what’s needed to make a NAP high-impact, and what you can do.

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A Women’s Guide to Constitution Making

For those looking to get a clearer understanding of the constitutional process, actors, and tactics for influence, we have also developed a Women’s Guide to Constitution Making. This guide is designed for women looking to influence constitutional processes in their own countries, whether by earning a seat in constitution-drafting bodies, advocating from civil society, advising as constitutional experts, or supporting the process in other ways.

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One of the core elements of Inclusive Security’s programming has been to build the capacity of civil society and government actors to meaningfully affect the outcomes of peace processes.

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