Published in 2009, Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace is a resource for policymakers and practitioners who want to better include women in peace processes.

This unique tool draws on more than a decade of original research and training by Inclusive Security and accomplished women peace builders from areas including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Israel & Palestine, Northern Ireland, Rwanda, and Sudan.

Eight modules contain training plans, activity guides, PowerPoint presentations with lecture notes, videos, and role-playing exercises that simulate real-world peace processes. It is designed for experienced trainers and is structured to foster strong coalitions, to enhance problem-solving abilities, to bolster confidence, and, most significantly, to result in a concrete agenda for advancing women’s participation in peace and security.


In November 2004, in collaboration with International Alert, we released Inclusive Security, Sustainable Peace: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Action. Directed to women peace builders and the policy community, that resource outlines the components of peace building from conflict prevention to post-conflict reconstruction, highlighting women’s contributions in each phase.

Policymakers and women leaders worldwide have embraced the Toolkit for its comprehensive approach and we have received numerous requests to conduct training based on its material. Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace responds to that demand.

A Look Inside the Curriculum

Introduction and User Guide

Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace promotes Inclusive Security’s unique training methodology. This user guide provides sample workshop agendas, identifies trainer best practices, and documents the history of Inclusive Security’s training work.
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Curriculum Guides

Each of the eight modules contains a curriculum guide, a single sheet outlining the interactive exercises on that topic. Modules each contain between seven and ten activities to be led in succession or individually.
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Lecture Notes

Each module contains a PowerPoint presentation. The presentations are included on a DVD, accompanied by printed cards containing lecture notes to accompany each slide. The notes provide definitions, explain various peace and security concepts, and offer concrete examples of women’s contributions to sustaining peace and security.
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Activity Cards

Perforated activity cards give step-by-step instructions to the trainer. Each card identifies an objective, the materials and room set-up needed for the exercise, and a suggested minimum time. Activities also come with suggested debriefing questions and offer facilitation tips for trainers.
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Video Clips

The curriculum includes a DVD with interviews of women peace builders from across the globe discussing their experiences and the importance of women’s inclusion.
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Appendix documents include simulation scenarios, glossaries of terms, and the biographies of women peace builders featured in relevant video clips.
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Role-Play Cards

Two modules include role-play cards to be distributed to workshop participants for a simulation activity. The roles are described at length so that training participants may better understand the diverse viewpoints of actors in various stages of the peace process.
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Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace consists of an Introduction and User Guide, a DVD, and modules on:

  • Peace Negotiations and Agreements
  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction
  • Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration
  • Transitional Justice
  • Legislation Affecting Women
  • Democracy and Government
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325
  • Skills (including advocacy, coalition building, message management, and strategic planning)

For more information about the Curriculum or to discuss customized training opportunities, please contact Carrie O’Neil at or 617.995.1945.


Toolkit for Advocacy and Action

Inclusive Security, Sustainable Peace: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Action is a resource for women peacebuilders and practitioners to effectively promote peace and security. Inclusive Security and International Alert collaborated to publish the toolkit in November 2004. Directed to women peacebuilders and the policy community, the toolkit outlines the components of peacebuilding from conflict prevention to post-conflict reconstruction and highlights the role that women play in each phase.

In 2007, Inclusive Security released an update to the toolkit with the goal of illustrating the toolkit’s concepts with new developments that occurred after its original publication. The update is a complement to, not a substitute for, the toolkit.

The main goals of the Toolkit are to:

  • provide an overview of critical information and strategies for addressing key peace and security issues;
  • bridge the divide between the realities of peace activists in conflict, post-conflict, and transition areas, and the international practitioners and policymakers responsible for designing and implementing programs in these contexts;
  • present issues in a user-friendly manner and demystify the “policy speak” and terminology used by the international community;
  • describe how women are affected by and contribute to peacemaking, peacebuilding, and security processes; and
  • highlight practical examples of women’s contributions and offer concrete, feasible steps for fostering their empowerment.

A key measure of our success will be the extent to which activists, policymakers, and others use, develop, and take ownership of this resource.

Download a PDF version here.
Download a PDF version in Arabic here.