Building Inclusive Dialogue in Danaan is a one-day, multi-party peace process simulation designed for graduate students interested in mediation, negotiation, and inclusive security. The simulation exposes students to the unique challenges, and sometimes fraught reality, of peacebuilding.


As ‘lead mediator’ during Inclusive Security’s simulation exercise, I was able to immerse myself in a truncated yet realistic process of negotiation, collaboration, and strategic planning. The exercise provided critical insight to the fact that inclusion of women in peace processes is challenging, not seamless, and requires extensive preparation.

–Love Odih Kumuyi, graduate student in international development,
New York University


Inclusive Security has conducted this peace process simulation in partnership with:


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this simulation?

After receiving many requests from practitioners and educators, Inclusive Security created Building Inclusive Dialogue in Danaan to address the lack of experiential, immersive learning opportunities on women, peace, and security.

Who would benefit from participating in this simulation?

This simulation is geared towards students at the graduate level, as well as civil society and government leaders seeking to understand the dynamics, opportunities, and challenges involved in making peace and security processes more inclusive.

How does the simulation work?

The simulation can accommodate 20-25 participants, each with their own individualized role. The roles in the simulation are organized into five main groups—the mediation team, contact group, negotiating parties, international NGOs, and local civil society organizations. Each student is assigned a specific role to play and each role is vital to the simulation.

How can I set up a simulation for my students?

All materials, including facilitator materials and role descriptions are free and available for download at the link below.

Download the Materials

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