Why Women?

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Since the uprising began in 2011, more than 200,000 Syrians have lost their lives and millions have been displaced. In spite of the risks, Syrian women have organized nonviolent protests, negotiated ceasefires, set up democratic local elections, and ensured the equitable distribution of food and medicine. They are uniquely positioned to unite communities across sectarian divides and to counter violent extremism.

Despite their valuable contributions to building peace, Syrian women have been sidelined from the formal peace talks and political discussions that will determine the future of their country. Without their meaningful participation, any solution to the crisis will be unsustainable.

Our Focus

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  • Strengthening the strategic advocacy and mobilization skills of Syrian women from diverse ethnic, religious, and regional backgrounds
  • Documenting the efforts of Syrian women peacebuilders, as well as women’s needs and priorities
  • Advocating to influential policymakers for substantive inclusion of Syrian women in all formal transition processes and high-level negotiations

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Featured Women Waging Peace Network Member

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A headshot of Alise MofrejAlise Mofrej was arrested twice by regime forces for her participation in peaceful demonstrations, and now defends the rights of women, detainees, and the displaced. Read more »