PODCAST: Listen, Ladies Interviews Miriam Jalabi, Director of the Syrian National Coalition

   •    September 18, 2017

Mariam Jalabi. Photo: UN News/Lucy Dean

This week, Listen, Ladies podcast interviewed Mariam Jalabi. A businesswoman turned peace activist, Ms. Jalabi is Director of the Syrian National Coalition’s office at the United Nations in New York, the largest political opposition group of the Syrian Revolution.

In the interview they discuss the current landscape of the crisis in Syria and the advocacy movement working to ensure that women play a crucial role in a peace process and transition.

Earlier this year, Ms. Jalabi participated in Inclusive Security’s Colloquium 2017, our annual event where women leaders from conflict regions around the world exchange lessons learned and refine strategies to change the way decisions are made about war and peace.

Born in Damascus and raised in the Golan Heights, Ms. Jalabi ran a fashion company, advancing women’s freedom of movement through clothing, until the revolution began in 2011. Ms. Jalabi then shifted to political work, advocating for democracy and gender equality as a founding member of the Syrian Non-Violence Movement. She led events and rallies in support of the Syrian revolution and joined the largest political opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition. She has directed the coalition’s New York office to the UN since 2013.

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