A New Look at Pakistan through the Eyes of Women on the Frontlines

   •    May 30, 2012


In a time when media often portray Pakistan through the lens of terrorism, a delegation of 12 Pakistani women peacebuilders brought forth a new narrative to the US. They showed the world what women are doing to promote peace and address the root causes of extremism in Pakistan.

While the media rarely recognizes them and their stories, these leaders received unprecedented attention during their visit to DC. These stories are a testament to the courageous work they do every day to prevent violence and promote social cohesion in their country.

Pakistan Delegation Media Roundup

NPR: Pakistani Moms Keep Sons From Being Radicalized

Foreign Policy’s The AfPak Channel: Conversations with Suicide Bombers

GlobalPost: Soft Power, Woman Power: Forging a New Security Paradigm in Pakistan

GlobalPost: Pakistani Women Waging Peace the World Over

The Huffington Post: Pakistani Women Unite to Battle Religious Extremism

News International: Pakistani Women Peace Delegation in USA

Jaime Horn is a communications specialist at The Institute for Inclusive Security, where she is responsible for media outreach. Jaime has over 12 years of experience in communications, politics, and international development.

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