This Pakistani Police Officer is on the Leading Edge of a Trend That Could Lead to a More Peaceful World

   •    October 25, 2016

pri-logo-red-1200x600_0This piece, by Carolyn Beeler and Christina Asquith, was originally published by Public Radio International as part of its “Balance of Power” series.

The stench of diesel is in the air. Asima Naqvi is standing on the side of a noisy highway in Pakistan, one of the few women on the road. She wears a stiff grey police uniform and avaitor sunglasses as she writes a ticket for a traffic violation.

Back in her patrol car, she has perfume spray in her purse for when the roadside smells grow overpowering. The feminine touch is a reminder that she is one of Pakistan’s few female police officers in a man’s world.

Women police officers are better at building trust with local populations, decreasing human rights abuses and de-escalating tensions, according to Allison Peters, from the Washington-based advocacy group, Institute for Inclusive Security, a group that has actively lobbied for the funding.

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