SUDAN: Nobel Laureates Demand Women Be Part of Peace Talks

   •    April 14, 2009

This article was originally published by Inter Press Service.

The international community must act immediately to resolve the political and humanitarian crises facing Sudan, said a panel of leading Sudan experts at a briefing here Tuesday, and ensure that any peace process formally include women’s input.

“We were heartened by the Qatar process, and the efforts of Arab leaders to advance progress on peace talks between the government of Sudan and the main rebel group,” said Jody Williams, chair of the Nobel Women’s Initiative. “However, these peace talks are now disintegrating, and (President) Bashir is not being held accountable for the further suffering of the Sudanese people.”

“What Sudan needs now are real brokers for peace, instead of support for leadership that is wreaking yet more havoc in the region,” she said.

Carla Koppell, director of the Institute for Inclusive Security, and the Washington office of Hunt Alternatives Fund called on peace proceedings to “convene other players, not the same armed actors, to shift incentives in negotiations to offer more seats for women, and ask for women’s groups’ input in a formal way.”

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