Colombia peace march

An Indigenous woman participates in a peace march in Bogota, Colombia. (Photo: AP/Fernando Vergara)

Colombia’s Inclusive Peace Deal is at Risk

   •    October 17, 2016

This article was originally published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

When Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos awoke to news that he’d won the Nobel Peace Prize, he dedicated it to the millions of victims of Colombia’s fifty-two-year-long conflict.

He chose also to share it with the many who work for peace. That includes Colombian women who struggled to end the war and build just and enduring stability. As is often the case throughout the world, the role women played was not nearly as visible as men’s, but was no less significant.

Under Santos’ leadership, and because of collaboration between men and women on both sides of the negotiating table, Colombia reached an agreement that sets a global precedent for inclusion and political participation of historically marginalized groups, particularly women and LGBTI communities.

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