Women Politicians, Community Leaders in Sudan Call for More Influence on Government

   •    November 16, 2006

This article was originally published by Voice of America.

This past week, a meeting of Sudanese women from across the political spectrum ended in Khartoum urging that women be included at all levels of governance and peace making.

The meeting was arranged by The Initiative for Inclusive Security – a program of Hunt Alternatives Fund based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Fund advocates for the participation of all stakeholders, particularly women, in peace efforts around the world.

In their final communiqué, the participants at the conference urged that women make up 30 percent of all commissions – including those dealing with land, oil and civil service. They also challenge the current administration to ensure that women make up half of all posts at the national, regional and local levels of governance. Currently, government policy calls for 30 percent of all posts to go to women. The participants call for economic policies that better serve the needs of the poor. They urge increased transparency in decision-making to ensure women have access to economic opportunities.

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