PHOTOS: South Sudanese and Sudanese Women Convene for Peacebuilding Training and Advocacy

   •    April 13, 2015

The Institute for Inclusive Security has been supporting the Taskforce on the Engagement of Women, a cross-border group of 20 leading civil society activists and government officials from Sudan and South Sudan. The Taskforce pushes for women’s meaningful participation in bilateral and national peace processes. It acts as a conduit between women in civil society and senior officials who are influencing the peace processes, ensuring that key decision makers are attuned to women’s priorities. Through this channel, communities can feel less alienated from the formal peace talks.

Recently, Inclusive Security convened the Taskforce in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during the African Union Summit for six days of intensive skills building, in-depth analyses of the peace processes in both countries, and direct advocacy to high-level policymakers. The Taskforce created a joint statement and delivered their recommendations to a wide range of influential people, including the US and Norwegian special envoys to both countries, officials from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the African Union, and national policymakers who are part of the negotiations.

Photo 1Taskforce members meet with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee (bottom row, center) to discuss peace in South Sudan.

Photo 2Taskforce members Ahlam Nasir from Sudan and Paleki Mathew from South Sudan embrace during a skills-building discussion.

Photo 3

Taskforce member Mary Justo from South Sudan shares recommendations on women’s inclusion in the peace process with a workshop presenter.

Photo 4

Taskforce members watch a presentation by their peers during the workshop.

Photo 5

South Sudanese Taskforce members Sarah James and Regina Kapa brainstorm during a session on envisioning what peace looks like in South Sudan.

Photo 6

Sudanese Taskforce members present their vision for their country’s future to a high-level policymaker.

Photo 7

Taskforce members meet with Former Vice President of Uganda, Dr. Specioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe, (center in the orange dress) to discuss peace in Sudan and South Sudan.

Photo 8

Taskforce members from Sudan brainstorm recommendations to deliver to policymakers during the AU Summit.

Photo 9

Taskforce member Kamilia Ibrahim (top right) presents recommendations for peace in Sudan to US Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Ambassador Donald Booth (man on the left).

Photo 10

Kenyan Women Waging Peace Network Member Alice Nderitu presents to the Taskforce on how to be a successful female mediator.


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