Inclusive Security includes The Women Waging Peace Network, a network of more than 2,000 women peacemakers from conflict areas around the world, ranging from Colombia to Congo, Lebanon to Liberia, Sri Lanka to Sudan. The Network was launched in 1999 to connect these women with each other and with policy shapers.

Members of the Network, all demonstrated leaders among women peacebuilders, are elected and appointed government officials, directors of non-governmental organizations and movements in civil society, scholars and educators, businesspeople, representatives of multilateral organizations, and journalists. With varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, they bring a vast array of expertise to the peacemaking process.

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In Memory: Aloisea Inyumba

At age 26, as Rwanda’s first Minister of Gender and Social Affairs after the genocide, Aloisa Inyumba helped design the burial of some 800,000 victims of the massacres. She devised a system to care for half a million orphans. She created five tiers of local to national women’s councils that indirectly fed into the parliament, resulting in the highest percentage of women legislators in the world and making Rwanda the first country to break the 50% barrier for women’s participation. The friendships and support of Women Waging Peace members meant a great deal to Aloisea. In the video below Aloisea talks about the necessity and importance of inclusive security.

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