A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform Training Curriculum


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What is the Security Sector Reform Training Curriculum?

This training curriculum builds the knowledge and skills of women from civil society to participate in security sector reform and advocacy. It’s a companion to A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform, published in 2013 by DCAF and Inclusive Security. The goal of this curriculum is to support and empower women to participate in dialogue and decision-making to create a security sector that is more effective and accountable.

Concepts addressed in the curriculum include security, the security sector, security sector reform, gender and gender equality, and the links between them. Also covered are skills for planning, research, building coalitions, developing recommendations, and advocacy around the security sector, as well as monitoring and evaluating those efforts.

Who is it For?

This curriculum is for experienced facilitators and trainers who design workshops and trainings for women (including those in the security sector) and civil society organizations.

Using the Curriculum

The training curriculum includes 17 modules that each takes one to four hours:                        

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