Inclusive Security:
A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace


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These six modules are from Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace, published in 2009, and each includes a curriculum guide, lecture notes, and activity sheets.

Peace Negotiations and Agreements

Women remain largely excluded from formal negotiations despite attempts to participate and international policies that explicitly call for women’s involvement. This module provides an overview of the phases, actors, and elements of a peace process to help identify opportunities for women’s inclusion. Expanding the list of parties who participate in formal negotiations and buttressing informal efforts to bridge divides are critical steps toward sustainable peace.

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Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Reconstruction focuses on rebuilding social, political, and economic institutions. This module covers the role of international actors in post-conflict reconstruction as well as entry points for women to influence that work.

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Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration

The process of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) moves a society from war to peace. It covers the removal of arms from fighting forces (disarmament), the disbanding of military formations (demobilization), and the reintegration of combatants in their communities. This material explores how DDR often overlooks women and strategies to improve efforts.

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Transitional Justice

This module focuses on the short-term judicial and non-judicial mechanisms that address the legacy of human rights abuses and violence during a society’s transition away from conflict or authoritarian rule. The material focuses on justice issues that affect women and the roles women can play.

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Legislation Affecting Women

Countries emerging from war often must rewrite their constitutions, rethink their legal codes, and rework their judicial processes. This module considers how legislation affects women and the ways it incorporates women’s rights or addresses their priorities. It also touches on how women as legislators, government officials, or members of civil society influence legislation.

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Democracy and Government

The purpose of this module is to unpack the elements of “good governance,” which include democratization, free and fair elections, political parties, civil society, and principles of accountability. The module explores the barriers that can block full participation of women in democracies.

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One of the core elements of Inclusive Security’s programming has been to build the capacity of civil society and government actors to meaningfully affect the outcomes of peace processes.

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