Strengthening Rule of Law Responses to Counter Violent Extremism

Global Center on Cooperative Security and The Institute for Inclusive Security | May 2015

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Violence and extremism in South Asia, including potential threats posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), remain a concern for many regional and international observers. Three South Asian countries—Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India—are among those with the highest reported incidents of terrorism. Reports of foreign fighters from South Asia have prompted concerns that ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria and the establishment of the self-proclaimed caliphate by ISIL serve as a compelling narrative for potential recruits. Within this context, all actors responsible for upholding the rule of law have roles to play in preventing terrorism and violent extremism and can generate grievances that contribute to violent radicalization. What role does civil society play in South Asia in strengthening rule of law responses to violent extremism and terrorism, and what can policymakers do to support these efforts around the globe?

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