Localization of Women, Peace, and Security Agenda: Case Study of Six Local Governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kika Babic-Svetlin, Miki Jacevic, and Mariam Mansury | September 2016

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High-impact national action plans on women, peace, and security (NAPs) require a clear, holistic understanding of how different societies define peace and security. By emphasizing human security, the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has used the NAP as a platform to achieve meaningful change at the community level. The Plan has facilitated a move away from a traditional, militarized concept of national security to focus on civilian safety and protection from all forms of daily intimidation and threats. Specifically, the Agency for Gender Equality of B&H worked with local government and civil society actors to develop Local Action Plans on Women, Peace, and Security (LAPs) in six pilot municipalities. These initiatives are defining local priorities for women and addressing critical challenges to their broader societal participation. Though it is too early to ascertain the exact depth and breadth of impact, this is an exciting innovation in the field, demonstrating that UN Resolution 1325 can positively impact women and girls in communities. This report documents qualitative examples from six of these local initiatives.

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