Increasing Women’s Participation and Engagement in Planning for Peace: The 2011 Gender Symposium and International Engagement Conference (IEC) for South Sudan

Tobie Whitman with Farah Council, Rachel Dore-Weeks, and Jacqueline O’Neill | October 2012

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Donor and engagement conferences focus international atten­tion on a country’s future. In countries emerging from conflict, policymakers from the post-conflict country and their bilateral and multilateral partners gather to priori­tize development requirements and map a vision of peace and prosperity. In many cases, development agencies commit resources and assistance. Participation in planning for donor conferences often shapes the selection of national priorities; donor conferences themselves play a significant role in translating assessments of needs into priority action areas and financial commitments.

It is therefore important to support broad social participation and transparency in their preparation and implementation.

This report highlights the strategies and steps taken to promote women’s inclusion in the 2011 South Sudan International Engagement Conference (IEC). In addition to outlining key interventions for success and lessons learned in promoting women’s engagement, it includes guidance for plan­ning pre-conference gender symposia and checklists for national and host governments involved in conference planning.

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