Female Troops Take On New Role in Afghanistan

Posted by on April 8, 2010
Female Troops Take On New Role in Afghanistan

This article was originally published by Medill DC. Teams of female Marines are stepping off their bases in Afghanistan and entering villages to build relationships with an often overlooked sector of the Afghan population: women. Contrary to their image in the West, Afghan women can be powerful allies because of their central role in their […]

Transition Within Tradition: Women’s Participation in Restoring Afghanistan

Posted by Amiri, Rina, Swanee Hunt, and Jennifer Sova on January 19, 2004

The eyes of the world focused on Afghanistan: our global consciousness was awakened to the plight of a population in turmoil. The subjugation of women served as part of a call to arms, another reason used to justify armed conflict half a world away. Images of women in burkas, kept from education, health care, and […]