Rizwana Sadiq

  • Country / Conflict-Affected Area:
  • Position: Senior Patrol Officer
  • Organization: Driving Licensing Authority Head Office

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Rizwana Sadiq is a Senior Patrol Officer currently based at the Driving Licensing Authority Head Office in Islamabad, where she helps train individuals, particularly women, to learn and adhere to international standard driving skills. Inspired by her mother’s strength and values, Ms. Sadiq started her career as a Patrol Officer for the Pakistan Motorway Police. At the time, she was the first female officer from the district of Sialkot to join the motorway police. Despite the challenges female police officers face in Pakistani society and in a male-dominated field, Ms. Sadiq has always been supported by her parents and husband, who have constantly motivated her to persevere. During her career, she has taken on different responsibilities, leading a guidance center and road safety institutions, as well as serving as an examiner for the Drivers Licensing Authority, and as an instructor at the Road Safety Institute. In 2008, Ms. Sadiq also received a national award from the Prime Minister of Pakistan acknowledging her bravery and performance as one the key first respondents to a terrorist attack at the Pakistan Air Base at Kamra.

In addition to her national experience with the police, Ms. Sadiq has also served at different levels with the United Nations. She worked with the UN as an Administration and Personnel Officer at the Sector Level, and as Team Leader for Family and Child Protection Unit with the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). While in Sudan, she worked with Sudanese women to teach them self-defense skills and entrepreneurial skills. Her outstanding work with UNAMID has been acknowledged numerous times by the Police Commissioner and has served as an example for other officers in the organization. Ms. Sadiq holds a bachelor’s of law from the University of Punjab and is proficient in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Last Updated: September 2016