Olga Bogomolets

  • Country / Conflict-Affected Area:
  • Position: Member
  • Organization: Ukrainian Parliament

Olga Bogomolets

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“Civil society activists have to take on responsibilities,” says Olga Bogomolets, a respected doctor, professor, and, since 2014, political leader. “It’s hard, but this is a chance and a choice to change your country.”

So she ran for president in 2014 after her highly visible role as medical coordinator for protestors (including 100 who were fatally injured) during Ukraine’s “Revolution of Dignity.” She did not win the presidency but was elected to parliament later the same year.

Ms. Bogomolets is also well known internationally as a folksinger and songwriter, donating concert proceeds to charity. She recently created the online giving platform People Help the People to aid 150 families who lost breadwinners during the revolution.

To preserve Ukrainian history and culture, she founded a museum, Radomysl Castle, near Kyiv and donated the private collection of often discarded Ukrainian home icons she had rescued over many years. Her plea: “Don’t wait for messiahs to change your country – just be them.”

Last Updated: January 2016