Mossarat Qadeem

Mossarat Qadeem

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Mossarat Qadeem saves not only individual lives; she saves families. A skilled communicator, she uses her detailed knowledge of the Quran to work directly with mothers of radicalized youths to rescue young men—including potential suicide bombers—who are being exploited by extremists.

To broaden her outreach, Qadeem founded PAIMAN Alumni Trust, a nonprofit group promoting the sociopolitical and economic empowerment of marginalized Pakistanis. Through PAIMAN, Qadeem established the country’s first center for conflict transformation and peacebuilding, reaching thousands of young people and women across the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. She is also the National Coordinator of Aman-o-Nisa, a coalition of women leaders throughout Pakistan striving to moderate violent extremism and promote understanding among diverse ethnic, religious, and political groups.

She brings to her work the knowledge and experience gained during her 14 years as a political science teacher at the University of Peshawar, where she also served as Assistant Director of the Women’s Study Centre. She helped found the regional South Asia Women’s Peace Forum and now works across the region on women’s political participation and conflict transformation.

Ms. Qadeem has published two books and holds master’s degrees in international politics as well as gender and development, both from the Institute of Social Sciences in the Netherlands.

Last Updated: October 2015