Florence Iheme

  • Country / Conflict-Affected Area:
  • Position: Program Manager, Office of Political Affairs, Peacekeeping and Security Commission
  • Organization: Economic Community of West African States
  • Expertise: Conflict Resolution

Florence Iheme

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Within the ECOWAS Commission, Florence Iheme analyzes events in member states to report for action issues that could lead to or escalate conflicts. She played a key role in establishing the Early Warning Directorate and managed the creation of the Africa Programme for Peace (DANIDA) and Institutional Capacity Building for Peace and Security (CIDA), which support the Department of Political Affairs, Peacekeeping and Security. As well as serving as an ECOWAS election observer, Ms. Iheme coordinated the observation mission in Ghana in 2004.

Leading up to the negotiations that ended nearly 15 years of conflict in Liberia, Ms. Iheme coordinated both a pre-talks conference in Abuja, Nigeria, and ECOWAS efforts to establish the International Contact Group on Liberia, accompanying co-chairs of the ICGL leadership for mediation among stakeholders. She also provided operational and technical support for the three months of negotiations, which culminated in the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Ms. Iheme serves on the Advisory Committee on Women and Development at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. She received master’s degrees in business administration from Henley Management College and Brunel University in gender and development from the University of Sussex Institute of Development Studies and is the recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship.

Last Updated: January 2011