Amna Popovac

Amna Popovac

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Amna Popovac has been the owner of radio station Studio 88 since 1998, which she launched to contribute to the normalization of life in Mostar, Herzegovina, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). In April 2011, she produced “Santiceva 88” with Federal Television, a documentary discussing the senseless war, and especially highlighting the places where Studio 88 had a main role.

Ms. Popovac spent 10 years working for international organizations in BiH, including the European Union Administration of Mostar from 1996-1998, Scottish European Aid from 1998-1999, and the Office of the High Representative from 1999-2006.

Ms. Popovac’s biography was included in the book This Was Not Our War, by Swanee Hunt, US Ambassador to Austria from 1993 to 1997. She is a member of the Board of the Association of Private Electronic Media in BiH (PEM) and one of the founders of the Association of Businesswomen in BiH – ONE. Ms. Popovac graduated from the Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, Croatia, with a degree in electrical engineering. She was educated in post-graduate programs in management and IT (MIT, Sarajevo) and finance (Dayton, Ohio). She is also a certified consultant in marketing, promotion, and business planning, as well as a certified trainer in marketing and promotion.

Last Updated: October 2015