Inclusion Riders for War and Peace

   •    April 27, 2018

At the 2018 Academy Awards, Oscar winner Frances McDormand explained in two words how movies can be more diverse: inclusion riders. These contractual provisions allow film industry leaders to demand a more representative cast and crew. This approach is one worth considering well outside of Hollywood—including in the context of ending war and building peace.

For decades, the women most directly affected by violent conflict have called for an inclusive approach to security. Facing deadly crises in Syria, Yemen, and Myanmar, and dangerous brinksmanship in the Korean peninsula, we need new tactics. We know from decades of research that involving women as decision-makers in peacebuilding work creates better results. Peace agreements are more likely to be reached, and to endure, when women are meaningfully included. Yet, as only 5% of those who sign peace treaties, women remain dramatically underrepresented.

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