The Women, Peace, and Security Act on the Brink of Becoming Law

   •    October 5, 2017

The Women, Peace, and Security Act—which will enhance global security by strengthening women’s participation in peace negotiations and conflict prevention—is now on the brink of becoming law!

For five years, we’ve worked with some incredible people to raise awareness about the issue, advocate for legislation, and see it passed through both houses of Congress.

One of those people is Allison Peters, our former Director of Policy and Security Programs. Yesterday, she published a piece in USA Today about this legislation and how women’s engagement is crucial for peace and security. It’s a must read.

The Women, Peace, and Security Act would not have become a reality without the Senators, Representatives, and their staff who championed it. Organizations and individual advocates called for meaningful action. And, courageous women from conflict regions around the world told Congress directly about the tremendous value of meaningful inclusion.

Thank you to all who created the drum beat that made the issue so hard to ignore.

Read Allison’s article about the Women, Peace, and Security Act. »


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