The Real Impact of a Female President? More Women in Politics

   •    October 25, 2016

pri-logo-red-1200x600_0This article was originally published by Public Radio International as part of its “Balance of Power” series.

As the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump nears, the prospects have never been greater that the United States could join the 50 other democracies that have been led by a woman.

So it’s timely to ask: What might this mean for American gender equality and foreign policy?

A lot.

Given Clinton’s mixed trajectory from antiwar activist to diplomat-in-chief and military interventionist, it’s hard to predict the shape her foreign policy might take as president.

But the long-term impact of a female president may be elsewhere: Research shows electing a female head of state often leads to an increase in women candidates down the ticket. And bringing more women into elected office leads to more peaceful foreign policy and a more robust democracy at home.

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