Gaining Ground: The Field of Inclusive Security

   •    June 1, 2015


Ambassador Swanee Hunt speaks at an event in October 2014.

The Institute for Inclusive Security’s founder and chair, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, recently spoke about the role of women in peacebuilding at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. In the lead-up to the 15th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 this October, Ambassador Hunt explained how the field of inclusive security has gained ground over the years.

The event was organized and moderated by Catherine Powell, Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy at the council.

Ambassador Hunt noted  that a key roadblock for inclusive security has been to move policymakers from thinking of women as victims to viewing women as actors who should be at the negotiating table.

She recalled meeting a U.S. general after the Iraq invasion and arguing with him that Iraqi women needed to be in leadership positions in the transition. The general answered that he’d do so as soon as Iraq was secure. Ambassador Hunt responded: “We are not talking about women’s health. We’re talking about security.”

Listen to Ambassador Hunt’s discussion on “Who Decides on War and Peace? Revolutionizing Leadership for Global Security” here.

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