Women, Peace, and Security in the New Congress: Strategies for Action (WEBINAR)

   •    March 25, 2015

The US National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security, passed by executive order in 2011, commits our government—from the president to his cabinet to missions around the world—to advancing women’s meaningful participation in peace and security processes. Progress in certain areas has been slow, but Congress can speed up implementation by supporting the Women, Peace, and Security Act. The bill would strengthen oversight and application of NAP provisions and, most importantly, it would give the plan statutory authority—meaning it would exist as law no matter who is in the White House.

In this webinar, Policy Adviser Allison Peters outlines Inclusive Security Action’s strategy for gaining bipartisan support for the Act, as well as passing separate legislative provisions related to women’s inclusion. With support from congressional champions, Inclusive Security Action has helped secure at least $50 million for recruitment and retention of women in the Afghan National Security Forces, as well as language supporting the role of women in any negotiations to end the war in Syria.

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