‘A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform’ Launches in Palestine

   •    July 3, 2014


Panelists for the Arabic launch of ‘A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform’ in Ramallah: (from left to right) Fatema Radayda, Ministry of Women’s Affairs; Fadi Touma, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces; Lucy Nusseibeh, Institute of Modern Media; Kristin Williams, The Institute for Inclusive Security; and Lt. Col. Hala Bledi, Ministry of Interior.

Earlier this month, Inclusive Security and the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) held the official Arabic launch of A Women’s Guide To Security Sector Reform at the Institute of Modern Media in Ramallah. About 35 guests from Palestinian civil society, the security forces, government, and academia attended the event.

Four speakers from a spectrum of civil society and government institutions, both local and international:

  • Lt. Col. Hala Bledi, Head of Gender Advisory Committee, Ministry of Interior
  • Fatema Radayda, General Manager, Gender department, Ministry for Women Affairs
  • Fadi Touma, Project Officer, DCAF-Ramallah
  • Kristin Williams, Senior Writer and Program Officer, The Institute for Inclusive Security

Moderated by: Lucy Nusseibeh, Director, Institute of Modern Media (and Women Waging Peace Network member)

Women have different experiences than men, especially in insecure environments. It’s therefore necessary to incorporate their perspectives and priorities into the way that the security sector operates—both through their participation as police and military officers and by opening channels for women in civil society to share their expertise with these institutions. Palestinian women make up less than 5% of the local security forces, but women in government and civil society are pushing through various gender mainstreaming initiatives to ensure that women and men’s rights and wellbeing are protected. A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform offers concrete tools for women from all communities to have their voices heard in these conversations.

Read the Arabic version of the Women’s Guide here.

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