The Triumph of Rwanda’s Women

   •    April 4, 2014

This article was originally published by The Daily Beast.

Twenty years ago, Eugenie Mukeshimana was eight months pregnant when genocide broke out in her homeland of Rwanda. As hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were slaughtered in a matter of only months, Mukeshimana saw first-hand the fantastic lengths her fellow mothers and women would go to survive some of the greatest horrors in human history.

“We tend to think this is the story just of Rwanda, but this is the story of the world,” said Swanee Hunt, former U.S. ambassador to Austria and founder and chair of The Institute for Inclusive Security. “I know there are women with the same drive. They are highly, highly motivated because they want security for their children. They work across the line. They are seen as less threatening because they weren’t the ones wielding the machetes, so they have a way of assuming power that men don’t have.”

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