Is Caroline Kennedy Qualified?

   •    August 7, 2013

This article was originally published by The Boston Globe.

First, there was the New York Times article “Money, Politics, and Its Suckers.” The author declared, “Swanee Hunt got Vienna from Bill Clinton.” Twenty years later, browsing similar headlines about Caroline Kennedy upon her nomination as US ambassador to Japan, I offer her the advice given me: Pay them no mind.

At the time of my nomination as ambassador, “got Vienna” and its insinuation pained me. My husband, Charles Ansbacher, was an ensconced leader in Colorado’s arts, our foundation was serving the state’s most vulnerable, and we had three children (one with a debilitating illness). I didn’t want to disrupt our lives, but I was drawn to serving my country and an inspiring president. Given her family’s tradition of service and her long-expressed admiration for President Obama, I imagine that Kennedy feels similarly.

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