Iraqi Women Seek Leadership Positions

   •    January 24, 2006

This article was originally published by United Press International.

As the results of Iraq’s parliamentary elections began to trickle in, one Washington based group of Iraqi expatriates were more concerned with gender, than with party or ethnic affiliation.

“We want the recognition of women to be leaders, to be in the ‘making decisions’ positions,” said Hanaa Edwar, an advocate for women’s rights. “We got it — 31 percent women in the National Assembly last year. We have got it — women being in the queue for national elections, the first to be in elections, for women to know their rights, to be recognized in the constitution.”

Edwar and dozens of other leaders from war zones across the globe gathered at a meeting of the Initiative for Inclusive Security, an international colloquium of women and other marginalized groups working for involvement in rebuilding nations torn by violent conflict.

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