Moving Beyond Silence: Women Waging Peace

Around the globe, women play a vital but often unrecognized role in averting violence and resolving conflict. With expertise in grassroots activism, political leadership, investigative journalism, human rights law, military reform, formal and information negotiations, transitional justice, and post-conflict reconstruction, these women bring new approaches to the security sphere process. Sustainable peace, and therefore international […]

Inclusive Security, Sustainable Peace: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Action

Inclusive Security, Sustainable Peace: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Action is a resource for women peace builders and practitioners to effectively promote peace and security. Inclusive Security and International Alert collaborated to publish the toolkit in November 2004. Directed to women peace builders and the policy community, the toolkit outlines the components of peace building […]

Preparing for Peace: The Critical Role of Women in Colombia

From May 19-24, 2004, The Institute for Inclusive Security hosted 16 Colombian women peace builders in Washington, DC. In collaboration with other experts, these Colombian leaders developed recommendations for concrete ways policymakers can include women in their attempts to bring stability and security to the country. The conference aimed to elevate the voices of women in […]

Adding Value: Women’s Contributions to Reintegration and Reconstruction in El Salvador

Posted by Camille Pampell Conaway and Salome Martinez on January 1, 2004

Nearly 4,500 women, recognized as members of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), participated in El Salvador’s demobilization, disarmament, and reintegration (DDR) program following the 1992 ceasefire. Women contributed in a variety of ways to the program’s success. For example, women leaders from the FMLN ensured that women received the land they were granted […]

From Combat to Community: Women and Girls of Sierra Leone

Posted by Dyan Mazurana and Khristopher Carlson on January 1, 2004

Women and girls fought on both sides of Sierra Leone’s civil war. Although large numbers of women said they were gang-pressed into performing support functions for armed groups, many also fought or received weapons training. Sierra Leone’s national disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) program frequently excluded women and girls. Many female ex-combatants, however, returned to […]

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