Why Women?

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Sudan and South Sudan share more than a border: the neighboring nations share a legacy of women braving boundaries to help end war and build peace. Women built bridges across communities and established grassroots peace accords. In both countries they have broadened political discussions, moving conversations beyond who gets to run which ministry and where borders are set. Instead, they have consistently raised the underlying drivers of conflict, such as security, livelihood, and unbalanced access to resources. Yet women’s presence and priorities continue to be largely excluded from decision making.

The tenuous relations between and within Sudan and South Sudan cannot be overstated. Today, implementation of the peace agreement between the two countries has stalled. Conflict broke out within South Sudan in 2013. In Sudan, continued violence and repression increase internal instability. Policies that support women’s meaningful participation are needed now, more than ever. With myriad national peace processes occurring in both countries, there are significant opportunities for women’s inclusion.


Our Focus

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  • Building the capacity of a strategically-selected group of 20 leaders from both countries to engage effectively and meaningfully in peace processes between and within Sudan and South Sudan
  • Creating, leveraging, and strengthening relationships between women and other key decision makers poised to influence bilateral and national peace processes, to ensure policies reflect women’s priorities
  • Creating the space for, facilitating linkages between, and building trust among women leaders from various sectors within and between Sudan and South Sudan

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