Network member Marpue Speare presents on her experiences mainstreaming gender issues in Liberia.

The Peacebuilding & Development Institute (PDI) at American Universityaims to provide cutting-edge training, research, and capacity-building opportunities for practitioners and scholars in the areas of development, humanitarian assistance, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. PDI is one of the leading sources of specialized curricula designed for professionals working in international conflict areas. Inclusive Security leverages PDI’s influence to incorporate the discussion of women as peace builders throughout international policy dialogue.

Participants attend Inclusive Security’s 2010 course, taught by Miki Jacevic, Evelyn Thornton, and Liberian Network member Precious Dennis.

The goal of Inclusive Security’s partnership with PDI is to mainstream our training methodology and highlight women’s contributions to peace building in the work of PDI. Inclusive Security and PDI hold joint trainings on women, peace, and security; collaborate on workshops held at PDI’s regional institutes; and co-design training curricula that merge the two organizations’ methodologies. Substantial participation in each others’ annual programs and serving as advisers to each others’ work further advances the reach and mission of both PDI and Inclusive Security.