VIDEO: Empowering Women in Afghanistan Post-2014

   •    March 25, 2014

This post originally appeared on the website for Women’s Action for New Directions.

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, WAND hosted Michelle Barsa of Inclusive Security Action for a webinar called “Empowering Women in Afghanistan: Post-2014 and the Afghan Elections,” discussing the current political and economic status of women in Afghanistan, how they will be impacted by the upcoming draw-down of troops, and action that can be taken to protect the rights they have gained.

Over the past 12 years, Afghan women have made enormous strides in political empowerment, health, and education, but women’s participation in peacebuilding and political transition processes in Afghanistan is severely lacking. Additionally, the rights of Afghan women are under continuous attack. As the April 2014 elections in Afghanistan approach, and the US withdraws military troops, it is increasingly important to support policies that empower Afghan women and girls in the post-2014 era.

Research and experience increasingly proves that integrating women and gender considerations into peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction helps promote democratic governance and long-term stability. During this highly informative webinar, Michelle Barsa, Senior Manager for Policy at Inclusive Security, discussed the need for women’s inclusion in Afghanistan political and security transition processes, obstacles and barriers to women’s participation in Afghanistan’s April 2014 elections, as well as interventions to support women’s increased political participation; and current US policy aimed to empower and protect women and girls in Afghanistan.

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