Three Women Waging Peace Network Members Win N-Peace Awards

   •    August 20, 2012

"Congratulations to N-Peace Award Winners" with photos of the three women winners

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi and Quhramaana Kakar of Afghanistan and Radha Paudel of Nepal were all recognized as Role Models for Peace by 55,000 people who voted online to show their support for female peacebuilders across the globe. Each woman received the award, given out by the N-Peace Network, because of her extensive experience in the fields of conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

The UN Development Programme initiated the N-Peace Network in partnership with Search for Common Ground, The Institute for Inclusive Security, and with support from the Australian Government Overseas Aid Program (Australian AID).

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

In 2010, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi took office in Afghanistan as the Kabul representative in the National Assembly. Since her election, Farkhunda has continued to work on increasing the participation of women in the Supreme Court, to produce laws eliminating violence against women, and to advocate for the increased participation of women in the High Peace Council.

Farkhunda was involved in the June 2011 Inclusive Security delegation to Washington, DC, along with N-Peace nominees Hasina Safi and Wazhma Frogh.

Quhramaana Kakar

Quhramaana Kakar is a leading figure engaging women and youth who are rebuilding and creating peace in the most insecure parts of Afghanistan. She was the gender adviser for the Afghanistan Peace and Reconciliation Program. In that position, she developed gender-responsive policies and obtained formal seats for women in the provincial peace councils.

Quhramanna will soon begin studying the role of women peacebuilding in Afghanistan for her PhD from Cambridge University.

Radha Paudel

Radha Paudel has 17 years of experience building peace, supporting civil society, and advocating for the rights of women, the poor, rural populations, and minorities in Nepal. She is the founder and president of Action Works Nepal, an organization that works with the most vulnerable communities in the most conflict-affected regions in the country.

Radha also coordinated the ‘Women’s Campaign for Peace and Constitution,’ which formulated a gender-responsive constitution and peacebuilding process in Nepal.

We congratulate all 3 women and all 13 nominees from our Women Waging Peace Network! A special thank you to everyone who participated in voting!

Pari Farmani is the development and network coordinator at The Institute for Inclusive Security. She works to maintain a sense of community among Women Waging Peace Network members. She also connects them to resources to assist them in resolving conflict and building peace in their home countries.

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