Afghanistan: Why is Half the Country (Its Women) Excluded?

   •    January 26, 2010

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On the eve of the Afghanistan Conference in London, a male dominated affair hosted and chaired by six men, where decisions will be taken by men and for men, a handful of Afghan women activists*, backed by UNIFEM and the Institute for Inclusive Security, are meeting in London to release their recommendations – the only input from consultation with Afghan women on key issues affecting their country and society.

The statement to be released in London one day before the Afghanistan Conference on Thursday will represent the view expressed at a broader meeting on Afghan women civil society activists in Dubai on January 24.

The statement will be released by 4 Afghan women’s activists at Central Hall, Westminster (John Tudor Room), Storey’s Gate, London SW1H 9NH at 11.00 GMT on Wednesday January 27. The message will be that to achieve stability in Afghanistan, it is necessary to guarantee equal rights and security for women. And how can there be peace, if half the members of society – its women – are excluded from any decision-making processes? The women will deliver their recommendations on security and governance priorities for Afghanistan, hoping to galvanise sectors of public opinion before the Conference begins on Thursday.

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