MSU-GenSan Prof Speaks at Harvard University Policy Forum

   •    February 2, 2009

This article was originally published by MindaNews.

The forum, moderated by Ambassador Swanee Hunt, had three other panel members — Orzala Ashraf, a humanitarian aid worker and woman activist from Afghanistan, Marini De Livera, a lawyer and women advocate from Sri Lanka and Josephine Abalang, a parliamentarian from South Sudan. The audience consisted mainly of Harvard University Kennedy School of Government faculty and graduate students, policy makers in the Boston and Cambridge areas, and some civil society leaders.

Ms. Hunt used to be the American ambassador to Austria from 1994 to 1997, during the administration of President Bill Clinton. In this capacity, Hunt initiated the series of peace negotiations between the warring parties in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The forum’s theme revolved on the question, “Will Pres-elect Obama’s foreign policy be inclusive?” Or will the newly elected US president be more attuned to including women at the forefront of decision making especially in peace and security issues.

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