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Resolution to Act is a groundbreaking initiative providing unparalleled support and expertise to countries creating and implementing high-impact National Action Plans (NAPs) and similar strategies.

Only 42 countries have developed NAPs, far too few to fulfill the promise of Resolution 1325.

With limited data proving impact and scant consequences for inaction, many policy makers don’t create or implement NAPs.

We know that high-impact NAPs inspire governments, multilateral institutions, and civil society to develop actionable policy changes that advance women’s inclusion in security processes and decisions, contributing to lasting peace for all.

We’re resolved to act. Res2Act was founded on the belief that every country has something to share and something to learn.

High-impact NAPs demand an inclusive process with women’s meaningful and full participation, as well as realistic timelines, mechanisms for public accountability, and priority funding. Strong strategy alone does not make for a successful NAP: Design and implementation are critical.

We help countries move from a pro forma NAP design and implementation process to one that consistently delivers meaningful results. With our partners, we engage government officials and civil society, providing practical guidance and fostering acceptance among stakeholders to design, develop, and implement high-impact NAPs.

Realizing the Promise of Resolution 1325

On October 31, 2000, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1325, transforming the global security paradigm by recognizing women’s abilities to foster stability and enabling civil society to hold governments accountable.

Since then, only 42 countries have developed NAPs, greatly, albeit slowly, advancing women’s meaningful inclusion in security processes and decisions.

With tepid progress, we’re left to wonder: Why haven’t NAPs spurred significant action with measurable impact? How can countries sustain critical changes in practices, policies, and budgets?

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